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Foodservice Options offers a comprehensive range of support options provided by industry experts. Our audits provide you with peace of mind in knowing your documentation, practices and procedures are compliant. The level of support offered by each package is tiered in order to allow you to select the option that is best suited to your needs.


Our audits assist you with compliance when it comes to hygiene standard, safe food practices, allergen regulation and documentation. The audit will cover compliance in Food safety standard practice and regulations, Government school food nutrition standards, Government allergen regulation and Customer service.

In addition to this, our audits will raise awareness of good business practice and highlight any additional training or development needs that may be required. Depending upon the package you select, we will work with you to facilitate and implement the changes required to improve your business.

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Food hygiene training is critical when it comes to safeguarding your catering business and ensuring best practice standards are being maintained. Foodservice Options provide plenty of choices when it comes to the most suitable and convenient training methods for you team. Our dedicated team of trainers are committed to provide the most comprehensive training relevant to your staff.


ONLINE TRAINING: Our E-learning platform gives you access to a comprehensive range of online courses.

These courses are easily accessible and allow you to work at your own pace. The additional benefits can be easily accessed at any time, competitively priced delivering huge cost savings and saves staffing time.

SUPPORT & ADVICE: Foodservice Options is a registered training centre with the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH). Our qualified trainers can provide one to one training at your establishment (minimum of 6 people).

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With a team of experienced catering staff from local authorities, contract caterers, EHO’s we have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of catering. Unlike other procurement organisations, we can support your business with a team of experts, including nutritionists. Our catering support division extends from providing food contracts and audits to bespoke consultancy and catering solutions.


BESPOKE CONSULTANCY: A focused approach to target specific areas within your catering operation. Tailored bespoke consultancy over Financial viability, Service and menu development, Staff reviews, Full support package to assist new staff members integrating into their new post and Halal monitoring.

CATERING SOLUTIONS: Foodservice Options will assist your in a variety of ways including; Menu planning and nutritional guidance, practical advice and recommendations alongside technical audits designed to help you to improve, advise, monitor and review best practice allergen compliance and management, continuous improvement: through on-going work based staff training and identify areas of improvement and enhancing your overall performance.


Foodservice Options provide a range of additional services that aim to support all aspects of your catering business. We cover everything from eco-friendly solutions for food recycling in schools, advice and guidance in recruitment and auditing your external catering provision.


Foodservice Options provide some excellent options for recycling food waste produced by schools. Installing the right equipment will not only save money on waste hauling, but also help the school contribute more positively to the environment.

Advice and guidance in recruitment and selection of employees. All of these services are tailored to a package that suits your business needs, they are also available as stand alone training sessions which help to address problems either as they arise or as part of planned development programme.

Do you have an external catering provision? We can audit this service with our dedicated team of auditors to ensure compliance is delivered by your provider. We work with FM companies who buy into our audit service to oversee and review the services of the current provider.

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