Our Health and Nutritional Dietary Software (HANDS) is a dedicated school food software that provides an all in one software solution for school catering.

Our simple to use software, lets you check that your menus meet the food and nutrient standards.


Useful tools to develop menus

There are a number of helpful features that let you search for replacement items based on nutritional value, food group or dish category. More advanced searches can be made for results that match a number of criteria, such as high in zinc, iron and low in cost. These results can be narrowed by food group or food category.

Easy evaluation of menus against the DfES food and nutrient standards 

Menus are evaluated against the food standards, with results presented in a format that is simple and clear to understand. Similarly, the nutrient standard report provides the results in simple tables and colour bar charts. Values are provided as actual values and as percentages. 


Recipes, stock room pick lists, weekly order sheets

For every menu and recipe that you use, you can produce a set of recipes with the correct quantities for your kitchen. There is an accompanying store pick list with the correct quantities for that menu. 
As well as a weekly order list for that menu, of all the ingredients needed and the correct quantities.

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